Convicted dads

You are guilty… of being a dad. (At least we assume that since you are reading this.) Which is a great thing!

Many of us have been found guilty of things that are… less great.The good news is that you are not alone. The Fatherhood Academy has been helping dads navigating jail, CPS cases, probation and re-entry for years.

While we are good at helping dads think through relationship and dad strategies, we can also help connect them to practical things: interview clothes, counseling, and housing agencies.

We are not concerned with your charges or your past. We want to partner with you in your journey to becoming the best dad you can be. Restarting life after being locked-up or buried in court cases can be tough. Don’t try it alone!

Resources for re-entering dads

You Medical

If you think your partner is pregnant or you need STD/STI testing and treatment, You Medical is here for you.

Housing Authority

If you need help finding a place to stay.

union gospel Mission

If you can’t find food or a place to stay.

New Beginnings

If you need inexpensive interview clothes check out New Beginnings. We recommend a Mansulation first; we may have something available.

Schedule your mansultation

We are not professional counselors, but we are here and ready to listen when you need to talk.

No cost. No lectures. No gimmicks