Fatherhood Academy

home of the: man•sul•ta•tion (man-sool-tA-shun) n.

a consultation between men with the purpose of empowering one to be successful when facing the challenges of life.

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Kids and girlfriends don’t come with instruction manuals. The Fatherhood Academy knows how important it is for a kid to have a healthy dad in their life, so we make important tools available to dads of all ages, shapes, colors, and sizes.

These tools take different forms. For instance, we run virtual and in-person dad training groups. And you can sign up for a free, virtual mansultation: a chance to talk through whatever you are navigating.

Knowing where you are in life is important. Some guys find us because they are struggling in a relationship. Others, because their girlfriend is pregnant – unexpectedly or otherwise. Still others, because their teenager is growing distant.

Whether you’re dealing with CPS, faith/religion, a need to prepare or just a desire to do better, this is the place. This isn’t The Principal’s Office for Bad Dads (though they’re welcome too, so long as they aren’t looking to stay bad dads); it’s a place for all dads.



Convicted dads

new dads

Fatherhood Academy puts essential tools into the hands of men who want to become the best dad possible for their kids

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We are not professional counselors, but we are here and ready to listen when you need to talk.

No cost. No lectures. No gimmicks

I signed up for the 24/7 Dad group, despite my fear of not fitting in or not understanding the curriculum. I was serious about my commitment to becoming the best dad I could be. Going through this program was the best thing I could do, and I tell everyone I know about it.